Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts
at the
2000 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Back Row: Chuck, Jimmy, George, Jesse, David, Corbett, Rob, Nick, Mark Wright
Front Row: Jim, Tony Cosgrave, Matt, Anthony, Mike Brown

The Blair Atholl Jamborette is a unique Scouting experience in which merged patrols of twelve Scouts - half from Scotland and half from another country - participate in Scouting activities for ten days, followed by visits by the international Scouts to the homes of their Scottish patrol mates. 

The summer of 2000 marked the fourth time Scouts from the Baden-Powell Council, BSA, in central New York State, attended the Scottish International Patrol Jamborette in Blair Atholl, Scotland. Two patrols went in 1988, under the leadership of Joe Leeming and the late Bill Wood. I took one patrol in 1996 and another in 1998 with assistants Pete Cowan and Ed Barry. With a little effort in recruiting, we were able to take two patrols (11 Scouts) in July of 2000.  My assistants this time were Tony Cosgrave, from Troop 77 in Groton, and Mark Wright and Ed Barry from my own Troop 80 in Cortland, NY. The Scouts were David, Nick and Robert from Troop 80 (Cortland), Matt from Troop 79 (Homer), Jimmy, Jim and Chuck from Troop 87 (Cortland), and George, Anthony, Jesse and Corbett from Troop 77 (Groton). 

After nearly a year of planning, we left Newark Airport on July 11, 2000. We spent six days touring, then ten days at the Jamborette, followed by a final four days of home visitation for the Scouts and two of the leaders, returning home on August 2nd. The trip was a great success, and so were the next Jamborettes in 2002, 20042006 and 2008. We're now making plans for 2010

These pages will tell the story of our trip and the Jamborette. You  can progress from page to page using the "Next" button on the bottom of each page, or go directly to a page using the buttons in the column to the left of each page or the text links at the very bottom of the page. 

I hope you enjoy the pages, and if you have any questions, see our Contact Information page. I'll be happy to offer whatever help I can. 

- Mike Brown
Scoutmaster, Tr. 80, BSA
Cortland, New York

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