County Clare

The Cliffs of Moher in County Clare are up to 600 feet high:

O'Brien's Tower on the Cliffs of Moher

St. Cronin's Church in Tuamgraney is the oldest church in Ireland
still in current use. Brian Boru worshipped there in the 10th century.

Interior of St. Cronin's Church

This ancient carved head was found underneath the plaster in St. Cronin's

A typical Irish roadsign

Craggaunowen Castle is the centerpiece of a Living History village

Inside Craggaunowen Castle

A Crannog at Craggaunowen
Crannogs were built on pilings in lakes in Ireland and Scotland in the
late Bronze Age and for hundreds of years thereafter. 

Inside of a hut within the Crannog

Ennis - a working Irish small city

While the Cliffs of Moher are thronged by tourists, and you have to pay
to park and walk the paved paths, you can go about 50 miles south along
the Clare coast to Loop Head and see the same cliffs - without tourists,
parking lots, paved paths... anything, really, but you and the scenery...

Natural stone bridge at Loop Head

Loop Head Lighthouse

Loop Head rocks

Poulnabourne Dolmen in the Burren - originally buried, this was a passage
tomb dating back 6,000 years

The Burren - this barren limestone "karst" landscape was described by one
of Cromwell's men as "not enough water to drown a man, wood enough to hang one, 
nor earth enough to bury him.." The rocks are called "grikes", and a wild mix of 
flowers ranging from Mediterranean to Alpine grow in the "clints". 

The Cliffs of Moher from Doolin

Burren meets the sea at Doolin. 
Known for its traditional music, Doolin also the home
 for the Doolin Ferry to the Aran Islands

Burren flora, with snail

Crab island in Doolin Harbor

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