Waterford Crystal is one of the major attractions in Waterford. 
Here's the factory, and the one piece of Waterford Crystal 
I bought - a crystal bunny for my rabbit collection. 

The crystal starts with the glassblower. 

Then, the designs are hand-engraved on the glass. 

The marked lines are just a grid for the guidance of the engraver. 
They're not the pattern, which he will create himself, freehand. 

The most skilled engravers are allowed to do their own very 
intricate work in a separate room from the factory floor. 

Worth only about 15,000 Euro...

Gladstone Street in the City of Waterford.

Waterford Cathedral interior. 

One of the side streets in Waterford.

Hook Head lighthouse - one of the oldest in the world, it dates back to
around 1245. Hook Head and the village of Crook are on opposite sides
of the river leading to Waterford. When Oliver Cromwell invaded here, 
he announced he would approach Waterford "by Hook or by Crook"... 

We arrived at Hook Head just in time for the Lifeboat Service rescue demonstration. 

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