County Wicklow


The monastic ruins at Glendalough in County Wicklow are an unforgettable sight. "Glendalough" means "Valley of the Two Lakes", and the dozen or so ruined churches and round towers nestle between the lakes in a spectacular valley.  Glendalough was founded by St. Kevin in the seventh century, and was active over the next six hundred years. Most of the ruins date to the 11th to 13th centuries.  The settlement was destroyed by the English in 1498. 

The Poulanass River runs through the site. 

"St. Kevin's Kitchen" - actually a small chapel

Path to the Upper Lake

Glendalough Cemetery

Upper Lake

The Round Tower - a common sight in Irish monastic sites. No one is certain as to what they were used for, defense or as a bell tower or lookout. The door is always on the second level, accessed either by wooden steps, long gone, or by a rope ladder, easily pulled up for defense. 


The village of Avoca sits on the banks of the River Avoca in County Wicklow, not far from the "Meeting of the Waters". 
It is better known to fans of British sitcoms as the fictional "Ballykissangel" in the show of the same name.  

The main street of Avoca runs from the weaver's downhill past the church which stood in for Saint Joseph's in Ballykissangel. 

Main Street, looking back toward the church. The brightly colored buildings are a fixture throughout Ireland. 

Fitzgerald's Pub featured prominently in Ballykissangel. Although the interior isn't much like the one in the TV show, it is a real pub and the food's pretty good, too. 

View up the River Avoca past the village. 

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